A Little About Me.

My name is Mark. I am currently studying Relativistic Cosmology with the Open University, and I am an avid amateur astronomer.

I have been interesting in Astronomy for many years, right from an early age. I went through my school years knowing only what I had been taught from family (and the bare basics that are part of the school curriculum) until I reached A-Level, at which point I took GCSE Astronomy as an extra to my A-Level Physics, Chemistry and Maths. This really boosted my interest in the field, and I was able to loan a small 4″ SynScan Newtonian to take home. It was using this telescope, that I had my first real close look at the moon. From this point, I was hooked!

Up until the time of writing, my involvement with the scientific community has really been non-existent. Minus only what involvement I have with it, through my job. I am currently waiting to hear back from the Royal Astronomical society, about a student fellowship, I am a registered OU Residential Schools Rep, and am also hoping to be appointed a student position on the OU Research Committee.

I am also a registered member of the Institute of Physics and have participated in their “Physics In The Field” outreach initiative.

As a day job, I am the senior technician within the Department of Chemical Pathology, at the Royal United Hospital. I am in charge of a team of about 20 technicians, working in a high pressure, high work load department.

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